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Hey guys! First off I'm so sorry about not updating within the last two years. I guess the last time I updated Josh and I were having a hard time. Well, Since then I got in a really bad fight with my best friend and things didn't end well. The girls I thought were my best friends ended up not being true friends after all. Josh and I got back together and we moved from where we were living into a beautiful apartment.  We have been great ever since and I'm so thankful for that. That Feb of 2008 I got pregnant but at 12wks and 5 days I lost the baby. It was the hardest thing Josh and I ever had to go through. We were devastated and we took a turn for the worse we just weren't ares selves. My parents ended up moving back from Tennessee and we moved in with them and we have been living with them ever since. We actually gotten a lot better after our horrible loss. I found out in Feb 2009 that I am pregnant again everything seems to be going well, I will be 17wks tomorrow. I find out the sex on May 28th. I'm happy with either a boy or girl as long as the baby is healthy. Josh is def the cutest when it comes to the pregnancy he is just so happy as well as I am. I lost my job at the end of Fed because they say I missed to many days but they would never change my schedule to something that can help me and the company was not doing so well in the economy anyways so they let me go... 2 days later they announced they were merging with another company. WOW. I think they were just making up excuses to let people go. I'm glad because now I don't have the stress that came with that job. I just got a call from Hard Rock Cafe for an interview on Monday... I'm so excited please pray I get this job. Josh and I are moving into our own apt in July and our baby is due in October. Life couldn't be better. We have def. been blessed by God and I'm thankful for everything he has given me. God bless everyone.


wow. its been forever and a year since i been on here.. well, i need have alot to say. i thought my high school sweet heart was the one for me... well, obviously he was becuz i married him. he was such a perfect boyfriend. and the day we got married everything changed. he has been nothing but an asshole.. trying to bring my feelings soo low to the point that i feel like theres nothing to live for anymore. he has wanted to divorce me too. and it hasnt even been a year since we have been married. i moved away from my family to be with him and his family and even his family treats me like crap. im 19 years old and i have nothing. no family or anything i dont even have a husband to help me out. i do so much for this guy its not even funny. i would kill myself if he asked me too. and when i ask for help from anyone they all say no! how the hell is that even right.. they all know i have no family and that they are the only ones here for me.. and it just doesnt even seem to bother them. i just want to be loved, cared for, and wanted. I dont know what to do anymore. im a christian. so i dont believe in divorces. but what can i do.. im soo confused and so upset. all i want is just one day where people cared and loved me.. all day



im promoting this community because its the best one i have ever joined. you should join it.
i need serious help with my lj i cant get it right please someone help me please!!!
Ask me 6 questions. Any six, no matter how personal, private or random [side note: just don't OVER cross the bounderies, please ], I have to answer them honestly. Then post this message in your Livejournal.

I want EVERYONE WHO READS THIS TO LEAVE ME QUESTIONS then do this on your site.
If you were completely drunk, and If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought? Post this and check out the responses you get. Do it! This is some funny stuff! Trust me, the answers you get back will amaze you!!


school is almost out and im so happy for that! im so exicted! no more getting up early and more of seeing my love!

me and josh are doing great and better then ever! he is going to move out soon, so me graduating in dec is a plus becuz that means i move too! he was saying today how he wished he had his own place so i didnt complain about him sleeping sometimes when im over there at his house. I was bored today lindsey wasnt home and his parents were together and i usually hang out with his mom and not his dad lOl oh well, all good for me i got on and did some lj stuff!

we left and went to his aunts house and found out his cousin is renting a nice home for 600 a month including water . electric . cable . and all that good stuff which is a really good deal! so he wants to try to talk his cousin out of moving there or move out sooner like dec. so im happy for that.

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I've been wanting to see what people think about me recently and im gonna copy allison and do the same thing she did. anyone wanna post anything about me post it here, post mean stuff, i dont care just post sumthin u think about me and do it anonymous (I dont care right now). But im really curious as to what people think about me, so tell me!

<33 amanda

Jan. 17th, 2005

i saw this is in pinkslipper_ 's journal


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